Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Leipzig Disappointment

So, Leipzig is going on right now (which is sort of the European E3 from what I understand) and there was talk that Sony was going to unveil some really interesting information. Here is what I found out...
1. My new PSP is going to be outdated already as Sony is releasing a new version less than a year after the last new version. (Along with some cool bundles)
2. Sony is going to release a new PS3 bundle which would have been awesome had I not already owned a PS3.
3. LittleBigPlanet is still awesome and coming out October 29th in PAL territories.
4. That's pretty much it for us US folks.

So that was pretty underwhelming and considering what was rumored, I thought we'd see a whole lot more. I don't need a new PSP, or PS3, and I already know I'm getting LittleBigPlanet, so other than some specific game announcements, there really wasn't that much information to give out. I was hoping to hear something about Home, or a global LBP release date, or the shocking new revelation about LBP that they have been teasing. Oh well. Maybe TGS will give some more information.

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Franklin said...

Hey PJ. I can't wait for LBP to come out too. That's too bad that you were disappointed with the announcements at Leipzig. I thought the new trailers for Resident Evil 5 and Killzone 2 were really cool. Do you know when the next TGS is?

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